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How to Raise Children

Parents all over the world have the same question: how do I raise my children? What things should I do or not do in order to give my child the best opportunities while avoiding the pitfalls in life? Isaiah 49 talks about how God raises up His children. It has good points that we would do well to consider. … Read entire article »

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Psalm 23: Heresy?

Is Psalm 23 a hotbed of heresy? If you look closely enough, you can find heresy anywhere. I enjoyed this and thought I would pass it along. … Read entire article »

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New Family Friendly Review Site Online

If you are looking for product reviews and book reviews, look no further than  Thompson Reviews . com.  This site is devoted to bringing you product reviews in a family friendly environment.  Ranging from books to sports such as soccer and technology, this growing has the potential to be a resource for homeschooling families as well as the business community. … Read entire article »

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