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How to Find the Devil

That’s kind of an odd thought isn’t it?  But that is the predicament that King Saul found himself in.  He was near the end of his life and reign.  He had long ago rejected God’s commandments and had found himself rejected by God.  Literally, Saul had lived a lifetime without God after knowing what the anointing and Spirit of God felt like as a young man. The Philistines had gathered together to fight Israel one more time.  Saul was desperate to find out something, anything about what the future held for him.  To his credit, he had been diligent to try and eradicate all the mediums and spiritists in Israel. Now, he tried one more time to get an answer, some kind of direction from God.  But God would not answer him … Read entire article »

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Are You Approachable?

In reading through Samuel, I came across a phrase which stood out to me in the story of Nabal.  In 1 Samuel 25, he is the man from whom David requested food when he was shearing his sheep.  He gave a rough, rude answer and sent David’s men away empty. When his servants were discussing the way he treated David’s men with Abigail, Nabal’s wife, they spoke this about Nabal:  “he is such a son of Belial that a man cannot speak to him.” (1 Sam 25:17)  This means that Nabal was so hardened and set in his ways that he would never listen to reason.  It was his way or the highway. I found it interesting that one of the character traits of ungodliness is that people cannot approach you.  So, … Read entire article »

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What to Do with Your Enemy

In 1 Samuel 24, as I was reading today, I pondered verse 4. Apparently at some point in the past, a prophet of God had spoken to David that God would deliver David’s enemy into his hand to do with as seemed best to David. What a prophecy! Can you imagine having that spoken to you: “Hey, God is going to put your enemy at your mercy.” That would seem to be a carte blanche statement allowing you to wreak havoc back upon the heads of the ones who have caused you grief. BUT WAIT! What is it that David desired to do? He desired to show mercy to his enemy? Mercy? He chose to spare the life of the man who was hunting … Read entire article »

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