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Real Kingdom, Real Jesus, Real Life

We know the message, We’ve heard the word; Ought we be established in all that we heard? Tentatively pulling ourselves up to stand, One leg on the rock, the other the sand; Maybe this time we’ll learn to trust You, The One who’ll do all He’s promised to do. Maybe we’ll learn the Rock’s in fact stable, Our house is established, our God is able! Can we stop doubting, choosing instead just to see, by faith, what we’re expecting, and call it to be? Then our daring transmission of the message will be A market-place wonder, a sign, our victory As people renewed, see Your glory Not in heaven, But on earth, Not far off But near, Not fruitless effort, Not religion or strife, But a demonstration of this real Kingdom, Real Jesus, Real life. Kirsty Allan, (c) 2010 Used by permission … Read entire article »

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Using Visual Cues to Memorize Scripture

Recently, I have been teaching a scripture memorization class at my local church.  In the process, I spent more time on using visual tools or cues to help memorize Bible passages.  I wanted to share some of the pictures we have been using.  These were all drawn “on the spot.”  They aren’t perfect.  They work for me.  The reason I’m sharing them is to spur you on to either use them yourself or draw your own pictures. The image gallery has the scripture references below each image when you view it.  However, you may wish to print this basic overview for matching up the pictures with the verses.  The people in this class wanted to memorize Romans 8.  They chose the King James Version as they were more familiar with it … Read entire article »

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Thoughts on the Conversion of Saul to Paul

Saul was misinformed and acting out of anger. He was hurting others who disagreed with him. His circumstances changed suddenly. He acknowledged the lordship of the One speaking to him. He learned that he was fighting against God. His companions were silenced by God’s presence. There was a period of silence (testing) during which he could have rationalized it all away. He became worse off (physically) than he was before he met Jesus:  confusion, darkness, lack of direction. He used this time of testing as a time for consecration. His answer came through someone he had previously maligned, hated and persecuted. His vision/dream only showed him part of God’s plan (physical sight). He was given sight and direction (relation of physical to spiritual). … Read entire article »

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