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Humor: Women Dancing in Church and Wearing High Heels

Here’s another good example of bad exegesis, where scripture gets twisted beyond its primary intent.  This one is original with me.  (Just shows how warped a creative mind can be if it tries hard enough.)  Please remember that this is intended to be read with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but I do enjoy needling my sisters in Christ with this just for fun.

Years ago, I wondered if it was proper for men or women to dance in church.  I searched the scriptures diligently.  My seeking was not in vain.  When I found Psalm 68:16 which reads, “Why leap ye, ye high hills?”  I realized that it was at least improper for women to do so.  We note that the Psalmist clearly delineates between men and women by using the phrase “high hills.”  Men don’t wear high heels.  Women do.  So women should not be dancing (use of “leap” here).

This intrigued me as to another question I had about women wearing those awful contraptions to begin with.  So, I did a further study.  I found a jewel of a scripture, Psalm 104:18 which states, “The high hills are a refuge for the wild goats.”  Wow!  Is that clear or what?  We know that women take great care in their selection of clothing, and this can be a type of refuge for them.  But there is no mistaking the clear intent of scripture here:  only a woman who is a “wild goat” would wear high heels.

If there is any question about that, I would refer you to Matthew 25 where Jesus says that the goats will be separated from the sheep.

So, from a careful study of scripture, I learned that women should neither dance in church or wear those wicked high heels!

PS – Please do NOT quote to me Proverbs 8:1-2 in the NEW KJV which says that wisdom takes her stand upon the high hill!  This is not the original Hebrew of the OLD KJV!

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9 Responses to "Humor: Women Dancing in Church and Wearing High Heels"

  1. Donnie Stewart says:


  2. Donnie Stewart says:

    So will people who reject this teaching really end up in heel?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Haha I like it! Here’s a thought though, if women shouldn’t be wearing high heels like you suggested, and this was followed, technically they should be allowed to dance as there will be no ‘high hills’ in Church. Right?

  4. Joanne says:

    You must read and study Hebrew and Greek words. What we think is, sometimes is not what is!!!!!

    Check out the word “rejoice” and see what you come up with!!

    Blessings to all.


  5. Rev. Terry says:

    I must say this one of the most comical stories I have read in years. Keep up the Humor and God bless.

  6. Angela Coffman says:

    Cute and clever!

  7. Jenny says:

    I totally understand your point. But what i don’t get is why women can’t dance? what if dancing is their way of woshipping the Lord? Worshipping the Lord in your own special way is good, right? So why can’t women dance to worship the Lord? And i don’t mean like crazy dancing, but just you know stepping to the beat, clapping your hands, and twirling. It seems harmless to me. Plus, the scripture reads “Why leap ye, ye high hills?” I’m not sure if i’m reading it correctly, but isn’t it saying don’t dance while you wear high heels or something? I can’t really tell but thats what it seems like. SO if your not wearing heels, can you still not dance to worship God? Please correct me if I am wrong-thanks

    1. admin says:

      Perhaps you missed the point that this was under the “Humor” section and the “Good Examples of Bad Exegesis?” Perhaps?

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