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For the past decade, I have been involved in developing mentoring programs for young men and young women.  Out of that work have come several resources.  If you want a signed copy, check for pricing or contact me using the Contact form with your request and the number of copies you need.

Many parents don’t realize the impact mentors can have on their children.  This book is for parents, educators and youth leaders.  It is a compilation of stories and real-life examples from children who have met with and learned from mentors.  There are also notes for parents from my perspective as a parent.  You owe it to your children to read this book.

One of the biggest jobs I have when my children go through their mentoring year is teaching them how to ask questions.  This book contains many of the secrets and lessons I share with my own children as I prepare them to meet with mentors week in and week out.  It is geared toward youth who are going to be meeting with mentors, and it teaches them the importance of asking good questions.  There are several chapters devoted to detailed types of questions, and the chapters include numerous examples.  

This resource is designed to help men and women who have been asked to let a youth spend time with them in a mentoring relationship or something as simple as a one day job shadow.  Drawing from the years of meetings my children have had with numerous mentors, this book helps mentors to efficiently prepare for the day.

Finally, the original work I created, the planning guide for parents, has been updated to include new information and more details from what I have learned after sending multiple children through this program.  This is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of finding mentors, selecting mentors, inviting mentors to be a part and many more details.


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