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Teaching My Family to Pray – UPDATED

Yesterday during the morning hours, I felt that God was speaking to me about my country and my family.  In particular, the Spirit spoke to me that things are going to get much worse in this country.  My responsibility is to teach my family how to pray. Our family has been having family devotions for years and years, so the concept of praying in our family is not new.  But I believe that there is much more for my family to learn about prayer, especially in light of the Word I heard. You see, in Ezekiel, God told the prophet that He was looking for a man to make up the hedge and stand in the gap for the land, but He could not find one.  The thought occurred to me, if … Read entire article »

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Humor: Women Dancing in Church and Wearing High Heels

Here’s another good example of bad exegesis, where scripture gets twisted beyond its primary intent.  This one is original with me.  (Just shows how warped a creative mind can be if it tries hard enough.)  Please remember that this is intended to be read with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but I do enjoy needling my sisters in Christ with this just for fun. Years ago, I wondered if it was proper for men or women to dance in church.  I searched the scriptures diligently.  My seeking was not in vain.  When I found Psalm 68:16 which reads, “Why leap ye, ye high hills?”  I realized that it was at least improper for women to do so.  We note that the Psalmist clearly delineates between men and women by using the … Read entire article »

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