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If You Were Rahab, Who Would You Invite?

In Joshua 2, we read  the story of the spies who came into Jericho in order to spy out the land.  Upon reaching Jericho, they went to the house of Rahab the harlot and lodged there.  (OK.  I’m wondering how they picked a harlot’s house as their preferred motel.)  When the king of Jericho heard that they had come, he ordered Rahab to turn them over.  Rahab lied and said that the men had already left.  In reality, she had hidden them in order to save their lives. Rahab then told the men that everyone was filled with fear over the Israelites and what their God had been doing in their behalf.  She asked that the men spare her life and the lives of her extended family.  The spies agreed.  “Our … Read entire article »

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Revival on Chokoloskee Island 1933

Revival on Chokoloskee Island 1933

The history of revival and the spread of the Gospel of Christ are filled with numerous stories of relatively unknown pioneers. This is the story of how one family left everything to travel to a small island at the direct leading of the Holy Spirit and how God moved upon the people of that community to receive the Gospel. On July 7, 1904, James A. Ridgeway and Daisy (Bailey) Ridgeway were the proud parents of … Read entire article »

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