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The Ministry of Donnie Stewart

Donnie Stewart is the founding pastor of New Wine Church on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.  In 2007, I had the privilege of sharing some thoughts with his congregation about his ministry.  The following are the notes used for that message. Romans 13:7 (Give honor to whom honor is due) Much is said about Paul and other historical and famous contemporary ministers.  I want to share some about your pastor, Donnie Stewart. What Has Donnie Done? Preached the truth Stood as a voice crying in the wilderness Loved the unlovely Opened his home to many, many people Given of his time freely Forgiven personal injury Prayed for his enemies Worked to promote unity Studied scripture for hours Been faithful to write what he has heard from the Lord Promoted the ministry of others unselfishly Created an atmosphere of opportunity Led people into worship Lived what he … Read entire article »

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Testimony of Kirsty Allan, UK

Testimony of Kirsty Allan, UK

I’ve probably been a Christian for about 13 years; I give a ball-park figure because I can’t remember a blinding light Paul style conversion. I remember though when I was seven or eight having the opportunity in a Sunday school lesson to pray and ask Jesus into my life silently to myself. Before that I was always aware God was around somewhere, there to say a prayer to every night before bed, thanking Him for … Read entire article »

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God Gives Us Opportunity

Would you rather have cash in hand or an opportunity? Would you rather have a sure job or an opportunity? Would you rather have a paint by number or a blank canvas? How we answer these questions every day of our lives not only shows what we understand about God, but it also determines much of the course of our future. Listen to this Podcast on what God thinks about opportunity. [display_podcast] … Read entire article »

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Hidden Sin (Joshua 7)

Joshua 7 talks about the sad life of Achan, a man who tried to hide his sin from God. For those who are struggling with confession, guilt and overcoming the bondage of sin, this sermon is a must-hear. [display_podcast] You may also view the notes on this study by clicking on this link. … Read entire article »

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How to Teach Children About the Holy Spirit

Teaching children is always an adventure. Once you begin to share with children about the supernatural realm, some people become uncomfortable with just how to do this. This lesson talks about ways in which you can share some of the truths about the Holy Spirit with children. [display_podcast] Other ideas: Use examples and object lessons. Use testimonies (people you know, tapes, videos, MP3s, books). During your family prayer time, answer their questions, tell your own story. During group prayer time, find out if your children have any questions about what they hear or experience. During “revival” services, there are often great opportunities for children to experience more of God and His Spirit. Read and study Acts 2, 8, 10 and 19 with them.  Also 1Cor 12-14. Pray for them and lay hands on them. … Read entire article »

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