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How Husbands Can Honor Their Wives

How Husbands Can Honor Their Wives

(Guest Author Brian Weatherill)  I had a couple guys inquire about the “giving honor to one’s wife as the weaker vessel,” and after some study here is my personal opinion and understanding. For many of us in our experiences of marriage, we all tend to see the picture here as a literal manual to figure out our wives. (This is version 2.30.06-21 preceding versions).  You get the joke.  It is a daunting task for many … Read entire article »

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Notes on Romans 5

Love of God = CATALYST Reconciliation = “in sync”   … Read entire article »

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Notes on Romans 3

Righteousness | Wrath Law / deeds & works Righteousness without the law 3:21 -> 1:17 picks up again on the GOOD NEWS. 3:23 Glory of God, utter perfection.  We glory in human achievements which exceed our expectations.  Example in sports “the great catch.” Key passage in Romans is 3:21-26, esp. 24-25. righteousness of God faith in Jesus Christ to all / on all justified -> made justified freely – grace (favor, goodwill, unmerited, undeserved) redemption (redeem, cash in) propitiation by blood righteousness – justice is finally served forbearance – it appeared that God was letting sin slide, but He was simply being patient and merciful He shows us, practices what He preaches, perfect.  He punishes the wicked, rewards what is right.   … Read entire article »

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Toy Soldiers and Tin Men

When I was a boy, Christmas meant a whole lot more to me than perhaps to my friends.  The reason is that I grew up poor.  I jokingly tell people that every time my Dad got a raise at work, they increased the poverty level index also.  So Christmas was that special time of the year when we received presents out of the blue. We didn’t get the really exorbitant gifts.  And we did get clothes sometimes.  But we still were delighted to receive the “abundance” of toys and games and treasures which I could use to pay off my mortgage if I had saved them to sell on Ebay nowadays. Christmas wasn’t much about giving.  True, we did give occasionally.  But on a very limited income, we kids didn’t have a … Read entire article »

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