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The Waiting Room: A Skit on Faith and Healing

The Waiting Room: A Skit on Faith and Healing

The following skit was inspired in a real waiting room in early 2016.  I wrote much of it shortly after that.  Our church’s lead pastor wanted us to perform it during a Healing Service held recently.  Apart from Bill’s medical issue, I pulled from true stories from friends, family and my own experiences, because I wanted the skit to embody real life events. Comments are welcome.  Please let us know if this skit makes you think … Read entire article »

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What Does It Mean to Trust God?

Q.  I’ve been told that I have to do is believe and trust God right.  Someone finally got it through to me that I’ve just got to do it, to ignore everything else within me that goes against believing and trusting Him. So, I finally got it and am ready to start again.  But now someone else has told me it doesn’t work that way.  Can you help clear things up for me a little please? A.  I like to think in terms of relationship.  Your walk with God is pretty much like any other relationship you can imagine:  you exist as a person, and God exists as a “person.”  In any relationship, one person will have questions, requests, desires or communication which he wishes to share.  He has to be … Read entire article »

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