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Thoughts on Jezebel

Thoughts on Jezebel

These notes are originally from (I think) 1994-1995. Eunuch – a male who had been castrated (against his will or not) who would then be responsible to tend to the needs and/or bidding of the queen’s most intimate affairs without the threat of sexual intercourse. There are several items that we need to notice in this regard: 1. ┬áSomeone who had been mutilated for Jezebel’s benefit. 2. ┬áMay have been attracted to Jezebel at some point in the past, but lost that … Read entire article »

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Windows is Ungodly and Unix is the Right Operating System

Lest I be mistaken, let me remind readers that this does fall into the “HUMOR” category, especially “Good Examples of Bad Exegesis.” But if you like this kind of stuff, read on. Someone on a list recently was writing about how God gifts people differently, including techies. They said: One of the hard lessons we learned is that God calls different people with different skills to work for Him. And He chooses the people with those skills for a purpose. The same way that He made some to be pastors, and some to be teachers, He also made some to be Windows people, and others to be Linux people (I still think the “Mac people” are a mistake… [!joking!]). I responded with this: Well put. This is, in fact, scriptural. … Read entire article »

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