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Fasting: Going Beyond Three Days

 As a person who has not been able to go beyond the three day period, I would be very interested in reading what the rules and guidelines for fasting are. What is allowed in the body . . . such as water; otherwise a week is a death sentence. There are also physical restrictions concerning nourishment (of some form) and after, I believe 7 days, one becomes unable to respond in a manner that one is able to replenish and save his/her own life. I am also of the onderstanding that 40 days and 40 nights is a phrase of the time that should be interpreted as “for a very long time” and not be taken as a day count.   Might you elaborate a bit on THAT?  (signed Pete) Thanks for writing.  I’m not writing as … Read entire article »

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Bad Thanksgiving Habits and How They Started

The following is the video of a skit I wrote entitled “Bad Thanksgiving Habits and How They Started.” It was performed by the drama team at Westmore COG on Sunday, Nov 20, 2015. Most Americans will probably enjoy the subtle (or not so subtle) references contained in it. If you like it, please leave a comment and pass the link on to someone else to view, too. The sequel to this skit (from 2016) is titled Mary’s First Real Thanksgiving. If your drama group is interested in performing the skit, the script and director’s copy are available (donation suggested).  Please use the contact form to request a copy. … Read entire article »

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