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Benefits of Praying in the Holy Spirit

These are notes in outline form for someone wanting to speak about the benefits of praying in the Holy Spirit. Open flow. Perfect prayer. Strengthen yourself. Praying to God. Serve as a sign to others. Gateway to the gifts. Learn sensitivity to the Spirit. New spiritual experiences. Your spirit is praying. Build yourself up in your most holy faith. Pray always. Live in God’s presence and awareness of His presence.   … Read entire article »

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Ten Things Your Children Need to Know

This is the outline of a talk I gave in Colorado last year to a group of parents/grandparents. Psalm 71:17-18 Guilt is not a feeling. God forgives. God is real. God acts in our lives and in our behalf. You can know God. Daily devotional habits will change your life. The Holy Spirit will empower you. Bad things happen to good people. You are gifted — and responsible to use your gifts properly. Eternity is a long time.  Act in light of it!   … Read entire article »

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Abraham Rescues Lot and Meets Melchizedek

Abraham Rescues Lot and Meets Melchizedek

These are some notes from a sermon I shared at a local church in Lusaka, Zambia recently.  The chapter is Genesis 14. Five kings versus four.  This was a regional conflict. Sodom is captured and plundered. Lot is captured and removed from Sodom.  (Was this a good thing?  Sometimes bad things happen which actually could be viewed in at least a partially positive light.  Lot didn’t need to be in Sodom.) Abram hears. There is no mention of his emotions. … Read entire article »

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Thoughts on Jezebel

Thoughts on Jezebel

These notes are originally from (I think) 1994-1995. Eunuch – a male who had been castrated (against his will or not) who would then be responsible to tend to the needs and/or bidding of the queen’s most intimate affairs without the threat of sexual intercourse. There are several items that we need to notice in this regard: 1.  Someone who had been mutilated for Jezebel’s benefit. 2.  May have been attracted to Jezebel at some point in the past, but lost that … Read entire article »

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Windows is Ungodly and Unix is the Right Operating System

Lest I be mistaken, let me remind readers that this does fall into the “HUMOR” category, especially “Good Examples of Bad Exegesis.” But if you like this kind of stuff, read on. Someone on a list recently was writing about how God gifts people differently, including techies. They said: One of the hard lessons we learned is that God calls different people with different skills to work for Him. And He chooses the people with those skills for a purpose. The same way that He made some to be pastors, and some to be teachers, He also made some to be Windows people, and others to be Linux people (I still think the “Mac people” are a mistake… [!joking!]). I responded with this: Well put. This is, in fact, scriptural. … Read entire article »

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How Husbands Can Honor Their Wives

How Husbands Can Honor Their Wives

(Guest Author Brian Weatherill)  I had a couple guys inquire about the “giving honor to one’s wife as the weaker vessel,” and after some study here is my personal opinion and understanding. For many of us in our experiences of marriage, we all tend to see the picture here as a literal manual to figure out our wives. (This is version 2.30.06-21 preceding versions).  You get the joke.  It is a daunting task for many … Read entire article »

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Notes on Romans 5

Love of God = CATALYST Reconciliation = “in sync”   … Read entire article »

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Notes on Romans 3

Righteousness | Wrath Law / deeds & works Righteousness without the law 3:21 -> 1:17 picks up again on the GOOD NEWS. 3:23 Glory of God, utter perfection.  We glory in human achievements which exceed our expectations.  Example in sports “the great catch.” Key passage in Romans is 3:21-26, esp. 24-25. righteousness of God faith in Jesus Christ to all / on all justified -> made justified freely – grace (favor, goodwill, unmerited, undeserved) redemption (redeem, cash in) propitiation by blood righteousness – justice is finally served forbearance – it appeared that God was letting sin slide, but He was simply being patient and merciful He shows us, practices what He preaches, perfect.  He punishes the wicked, rewards what is right.   … Read entire article »

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Apple Versus Windows

Yet another good example of bad scripture interpretation.  Did you know that the Bible seems to favor Mac computers over Windows computers?  This one came by way of a friend in the UK: Some of her friends on Facebook were giving her a hard time for switching to Mac.  Here was her response: Jeremiah 9:21 warns us that “death has come through our windows” while Song of Solomon 2:5 says “refresh me with apples, for I am lovesick”. ‘Nuff said! 😛 Some more “fruit” for thought… “Like an apple tree among the trees of the woods, so is my beloved among the sons.” Song of Solomon 2:3 “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”  Proverbs 25:11 (that almost sounds just like my new computer!)   … Read entire article »

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Acts 10: Peter and Cornelius

This is the story of Peter and Cornelius as told for a group of children. Enjoy, and please don’t forget to leave feedback. [display_podcast]   Acts-10-Peter-and-Cornelius … Read entire article »

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