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Constant Battle: A Poem on Anorexia

This poem was sent in with the request to publish it “Name Withheld.”  I’m posting it here as a reminder that even in the seeming comfort of the church there are still struggles.  People with real problems attend our churches and need to know HOW to find the answer in Jesus Christ. Constant Battle A constant battle day and night Will I eat or will I fight. One skipped meal turns into two, Not one bite, not even a chew. My stomach’s hungry, but I won’t cave, I’m holding fast, not going to waive. Can you hear that faint grumble, Soon to be a real loud rumble. I need more fuel, its telling me, Crying out, longing to be free. I restrict, I refrain Listen to me I am your brain. I’m in control, I’m in charge No more butter, no more marge. This is me, … Read entire article »

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