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If Only You Knew: A Poem on Identity

This third poem was sent in with the request to publish it “Name Withheld.”  Even as a believer, people sometimes lose sight of who they are and what God says about them.  I’m posting it here as a reminder that even in the seeming comfort of the church there are still struggles.  People with real problems attend our churches and need to know HOW to find the answer in Jesus Christ. If Only You Knew Bitter, angry, alone, Scared of the unknown. Confused, messed up, hurt, Feeling less than a piece of dirt. ‘Why am I here?’ you cry, Awaiting for that longed reply. ‘where do I belong?’ you shout, feeling fear and nothing but doubt. Pushed, pulled, stretched, It’s all SO far fetched. which way do I turn? what is it I yearn? This and that, here … Read entire article »

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