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Success Brings Conflict

We get a promotion, and then suddenly we encounter opposition. “God, what’s the problem?” we wonder. There’s no problem. It’s an opportunity. David had ruled for over seven years in Hebron. After the death of Ishbosheth, son of Saul, the tribes of Israel came to ask him to be king. They made a covenant together and anointed him ruler over all Israel. Shortly after that, the Philistines heard the news and gathered their armies in force to hunt him down and kill him. David did two things of note: he went down to the stronghold, and he inquired of God for direction. The first part is important because he strengthened his position against the enemy. Militarily, it did not make good sense to be in … Read entire article »


The Broken Gun

   I am a fourth generation carpenter. I, among other things, remodel homes and build furniture… including antique reproductions and custom pieces. I’m way too A.D.D. to do any one thing for very long. One of my hobbies is making custom gunstocks. Being an avid outdoorsman and appreciating beautiful wood sort of led me there.    In the summer of 2008 it dawned on me that, although people all over the Eastern U.S. owned my custom stocks, no one in my own family had any of my work. I called my oldest son, Chris, and asked him if he would like a new stock for his Remington .308 deer rifle for Christmas. He jumped at the … Read entire article »

I Quit, I Think – John Taylor Gatto

I Quit, I Think – John Taylor Gatto

I’ve taught public school for 26 years but I just can’t do it anymore. For years I asked the local school board and superintendent to let me teach a curriculum that doesn’t hurt kids, but they had other fish to fry. So I’m going to quit, I think. I’ve come slowly to understand what it is I really teach: A curriculum … Read entire article »

In Memorial

In Memorial

  Tender. Delicate. Fragile.   Life.   Abused, misused, or confused.   Life.   Sown. Grown. Not our own.   Life.   Two choices. Only two. A steady gaze inside with all that it can bring. Or adoration upward, obeisance to the king.   Heartbeat. Stop. None.   Life. No longer. Done.   Brevity. Spark. Breath.   Silence. Coldness. Death.   All of us are headed, without question, to the grave. None among us has the power of life to save.   Mercy. His Life. He gave it.   Lose. Your life. To save it.   The decision is yours. He gave. You can have true life. Only believe.   Jesus, you are my Life.   Craig Thompson I wrote this poem July … Read entire article »

Rules, Rulers and Rights

Romans 12 Grace and mercy are not an end to rules for conduct or an evidence that we are living perfect lives. Grace and mercy are reasons for us to obey God and the means by which God changes our hearts (the goodness of God leads you to repentance). The will of God is related to our sanctification, is related to finding our place in the body, and is something that we can know more of as we are changed in our minds. “Be not overcome of evil” ties into ch 13 — “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.” Romans 13 Paul deals here with our relationship to the outside world. Paul wrote this while living under … Read entire article »

ICCM 2019 Notes and Audio

ICCM 2019 Notes and Audio

Last month my wife and I were privileged to speak at ICCM.  If you would like to read through the PDFs of the slideshow while listening to the audio, you can find those here. Please note:  the audio for the second session is choppy due to issues with the original recording.  You can hear most of the talk, but occasionally parts … Read entire article »

Skit: Dad in My Mind

Skit:  Dad in My Mind

This is the Fathers Day skit I wrote for our local church.  Enjoy!  Please leave a comment if you like the video. For information on using this skit in your church or group, use the contact form. … Read entire article »

Shattered: A Book with a Purpose

Shattered:  A Book with a Purpose

When I started a mentoring program for my son in 2010, I knew it would be a challenge to find a mentor every week for a year.  I also had an inkling that I was also signing up for a bigger task in that his siblings would expect the same thing.  What I didn’t realize at the time is that … Read entire article »

How To Be a Mentor for a Day

This book is intended to guide you through the process of preparing for spending a day with a young man or young woman in order to positively impact them. Order your copy today by using the main contact form on this website or by ordering it on Amazon.     Errata already corrected in the First Edition:   To submit errata, please fill out this form: … Read entire article »

Preaching Through Proverbs: A Collection of Sermons by the Pastors of Central Africa

Preaching Through Proverbs:  A Collection of Sermons by the Pastors of Central Africa

Imagine feeling the heat of a summer day as you sit inside a tin-roofed church building listening to a pastor preach to you from the Word of God.  The echoes of voices resound as the congregants speak out their appreciation for what they are hearing. This is Africa.  This is church.  This is worship around the Word of God where Jesus is … Read entire article »