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Preaching Through Proverbs: A Collection of Sermons by the Pastors of Central Africa

Preaching Through Proverbs:  A Collection of Sermons by the Pastors of Central Africa

Imagine feeling the heat of a summer day as you sit inside a tin-roofed church building listening to a pastor preach to you from the Word of God.  The echoes of voices resound as the congregants speak out their appreciation for what they are hearing. This is Africa.  This is church.  This is worship around the Word of God where Jesus is the center. This collection of sermons by the pastors of Central Africa contains stories, questions, and … Read entire article »


The Veil March 2018 Photos

These photos are from the March 2018 production of The Veil at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church.  If you are one of the dancers and would like a high resolution copy of one of the photos you are in, please contact me by e-mail or by using the Contact form on the site. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”1000″] … Read entire article »

Benefits of Praying in the Holy Spirit

These are notes in outline form for someone wanting to speak about the benefits of praying in the Holy Spirit. Open flow. Perfect prayer. Strengthen yourself. Praying to God. Serve as a sign to others. Gateway to the gifts. Learn sensitivity to the Spirit. New spiritual experiences. Your spirit is praying. Build yourself up in your most holy faith. Pray always. Live in God’s presence and awareness of His presence.   … Read entire article »

Ten Things Your Children Need to Know

This is the outline of a talk I gave in Colorado last year to a group of parents/grandparents. Psalm 71:17-18 Guilt is not a feeling. God forgives. God is real. God acts in our lives and in our behalf. You can know God. Daily devotional habits will change your life. The Holy Spirit will empower you. Bad things happen to good people. You are gifted — and responsible to use your gifts properly. Eternity is a long time.  Act in light of it!   … Read entire article »

Abraham Rescues Lot and Meets Melchizedek

Abraham Rescues Lot and Meets Melchizedek

These are some notes from a sermon I shared at a local church in Lusaka, Zambia recently.  The chapter is Genesis 14. Five kings versus four.  This was a regional conflict. Sodom is captured and plundered. Lot is captured and removed from Sodom.  (Was this a good thing?  Sometimes bad things happen which actually could be viewed in at least a partially positive … Read entire article »

Mary’s First Real Thanksgiving

Mary’s First Real Thanksgiving

The following is the video of a skit I wrote entitled “Mary’s First Real Thanksgiving.”  This is a sequel to last year’s skit, “‎Bad Thanksgiving Habits and How They Started.” It was performed by the drama team at Westmore COG on Sunday, Nov 20, 2016. This skit provides a good history lesson for those who really don’t understand the Thanksgiving Holiday. If … Read entire article »

The Waiting Room: A Skit on Faith and Healing

The Waiting Room: A Skit on Faith and Healing

The following skit was inspired in a real waiting room in early 2016.  I wrote much of it shortly after that.  Our church’s lead pastor wanted us to perform it during a Healing Service held recently.  Apart from Bill’s medical issue, I pulled from true stories from friends, family and my own experiences, because I wanted the skit to embody … Read entire article »

Talking to Your Children About Terrorism

Talking to Your Children About Terrorism

This is an article that most families would never have had to read when I was a child. Today, the amount of attacks in numerous countries has brought terrorist activity to the forefront. Knowing how to talk to your children about these events can help to build a foundation of peace in their lives. What follows are some talking points … Read entire article »

Christian Funeral Service for a Woman of Faith

(names removed for privacy purposes) Is it right to believe?   Is it right to have faith? These are questions that determine much of the outcome of our lives.  The answer you give personally to that question will shape your future from this point on. Several years ago, God in His grace and mercy poured out of His Spirit upon this family in a way that you had never experienced before.  When that happened, a demarcation point was fixed in history.  There was a life you had known before God poured out His Spirit on you, and there was life after God had poured out His Spirit. In talking with different ones in your family and your church, what I heard most was about the … Read entire article »

Fasting: Going Beyond Three Days

 As a person who has not been able to go beyond the three day period, I would be very interested in reading what the rules and guidelines for fasting are. What is allowed in the body . . . such as water; otherwise a week is a death sentence. There are also physical restrictions concerning nourishment (of some form) and after, I believe 7 days, one becomes unable to respond in a manner that one is able to replenish and save his/her own life. I am also of the onderstanding that 40 days and 40 nights is a phrase of the time that should be interpreted as “for a very long time” and not be taken as a day count.   … Read entire article »