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Rules, Rulers and Rights

Romans 12

Grace and mercy are not an end to rules for conduct or an evidence that we are living perfect lives.

Grace and mercy are reasons for us to obey God and the means by which God changes our hearts (the goodness of God leads you to repentance).

The will of God is related to our sanctification, is related to finding our place in the body, and is something that we can know more of as we are changed in our minds. “Be not overcome of evil” ties into ch 13 — “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.”

Romans 13

Paul deals here with our relationship to the outside world. Paul wrote this while living under Roman leadership and government. He knew that there are wicked rulers. Paul did not himself work against the Roman government. This does not contradict Peter and John stating that “we ought to obey God rather than man.” The central issue is to not be rebellious against “government” as a rule.

Romans 14

This chapter is not about fornication, gossip, lying, coveting, or any other sin.

It is about eating meat or not eating meat and whether certain foods are inherently unclean and whether or not certain days are holy.

This chapter is not about committing sin and saying, “I don’t feel condemned in this action.” Sin, like righteousness, is not based on your feelings. Some people have their conscience seared with a hot iron. You can be altogether wicked in the sight of God and feel quite good about yourself in the pride of your heart.

This is not the same as being “strong” spiritually. It is called being wicked, sinful, and/or deceived.

The bottom line is that what you do affects other people.

Don’t live as an individualist.

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