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Are You Smarter Than a Five Year Old?

I awoke this morning to find an envelope from my 5 year old labeled “To Dad” beside my head.  I was going to reach for my Bible first as is my habit, but felt that I should open his letter first.  I’m glad I did.  I spent a while just looking at the picture and marveling at the simplicity and truth in it.  I’m sharing it with you in the hopes that it will give you pause for thought.  It might be easier to print it if your screen is small.

Click the following link to bring up the PDF image: A five year old looks at the cross

Some Explanation of the Picture

  • In the picture, on the right is a “bragger.”  He has a frown on his face.
  • In the middle is Jesus, who is smiling — even in the pain of death — and who is saying, “You will.”  This is the promise he made to the thief telling that he would be in paradise that very day with Jesus.
  • The person he is speaking to is “good” and is saying, “Thank you.”  I think his expression captures the moment very well.

As I think on it, one minute before this took place, there were two thieves and a righteous man hanging on crosses.  Both thieves made a decision.  One chose to curse and die in anger.  The other recognized the goodness of Jesus, hoped for mercy and asked Jesus to remember him.  One minute later, there were two righteous men on crosses.

One minute and a cry for mercy made all the difference in the thief’s miserable life and opened the way for an eternity of joy.  Wow.  I love the simplicity of God’s ways.  Even a child can comprehend it.  Anyone can participate in the offer.

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