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Are You Wearing Saul’s Armor?

From 1 Samuel 17:38-39 (08/07/96)
David was offered the armor of the King to wear into battle. Why didn’t he accept it? Would you?

  1. It was Saul’s armor, fitted for him. David did not fit that mold.
  2. It was forced onto David. He didn’t ask for it.
  3. What good was it doing Saul? He wasn’t able to fight Goliath in it, apparently.
  4. David had approached Saul with faith in God, but Saul did not recognize the moment. His sin, fear, was also his judgment.
  5. Saul’s reign had started with a military victory, and David’s fame would begin here. But God wanted David to win his own victory apart from the influence and armor of Saul.
  6. Saul’s armor affected David’s walk.
  7. Note the importance of Saul’s tunic being given to David (King’s robe).
  8. David had to reject (put off) Saul’s armor in order to win the battle.

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