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A Very Good but Simple Salsa Recipe

Need to get a starter recipe for salsa? Here’s one that you can use. Try the ingredients. Change them to suit your taste. Experiment. Have fun. Enjoy.

12-16 ripe tomatoes (depends on size)
8 garlic cloves
2 large onions
1/3 cup vinegar
2 tablespoons of salt
2 bell peppers
10-20 jalapeno peppers (or picante, habanero or other hot pepper added to suit your taste)

Chop ingredients by hand or by food processor. Don’t chop them too fine if you use a processor.

Put tomatoes in a pot and cook them down at a low heat. As the tomatoes cook down, use a cup to remove excess juice. (You can save the juice and drink it later or can it for use in soups.)

After you have removed the excess juice, add all the other ingredients and allow the low heat to blend the ingredients.

Stir often.

Pour into pint or quart jars and seal. (Or put in a large bowl and serve it fresh for a party.)

Once you experiment with the basic recipe, you can try variations by doubling or tripling the recipe. You can also prepare a batch of mild salsa for the members of your family who don’t like hot food by simply leaving out the hot peppers until you have canned as much as you like for them. Then add the hot peppers to what is left and allow it to cook a little longer to blend the recipes.

Picante peppers add a nice flavor. Habanero can’t be beat for a good burn.

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