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Children and Scripture

Today, I was reading Psalm 116 to some of my children.  As is often my custom, I would read a verse and then ask a question to make sure they were listening.

I got to the verse about, “You have delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.”  I asked my daughter, “What has God delivered our soul from?”    “Death.”   I asked my son what God delivered our eyes from, and he had trouble remembering that part.  While one child was “boo-hooing,” as a hint I asked my younger daughter, and she said, “Tears.”   Then I asked my son, “What did God deliver our feet from?”  He said “Falling.”  About that time my younger daughter chimed in with “Stinking!”

QUESTION:  Has God delivered your feet from stinking?

Then I hit verse 14, and read where we should pay our vows to the LORD.

One child said, “Our bowels???”

“NO, our V-ows.”

Then my younger daughter said, “Dad, does he mean A-E-I-O-U?”

“NO, not vow-ELS.  VOWS, like promises, oaths.”


So, if you ever hear some weird brand of teaching or doctrine, maybe they just heard the verse wrong when they were a kid!













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