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Don’t Make God Speak Twice

Had some thoughts while listening to a sermon on Jonah.

In Jonah 3, it says God spoke to Jonah the second time.  What happened between the first time God spoke and the second time?  We know.

  • Jonah rejected God’s word.
  • Jonah’s life took a decidedly downhill turn (repeated use of word “down”).
  • Jonah possibly attempted suicide by telling the mariners to cast him into the sea.  (“I’ll show you, God.  I’ll die before I obey you.”)  That’s at least one way of interpreting his actions.
  • God overrules Jonah even in the face of certain death.
  • When the fish swallows Jonah, Jonah hit rock bottom.
  • Jonah learned that you cannot run from God.
  • Jonah repented.

This all happened because Jonah did not obey God the first time that God spoke to him.  Wow.

Jonah’s walk of obedience began while he was covered in vomit.  So, you best not wait until you are satisfied with how “clean” you are before obeying what God tells you to do.

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