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Dorcas Did! How About You? (or “How to Help a Widow”)

Dorcas is an example of someone who used her gifts to help widows and those who were in need. The Bible says she was “full of good works.” What can we learn from her example?

In Acts 9:36-42, Dorcas is mentioned as a person who was raised from the dead. One of the reasons the disciples called for Peter was because this woman was extremely devoted to helping others. There was even a group of widows on hand when Peter came who showed him all the clothes she had made for them.

Thought: How many people would miss us if we were to pass from this scene? Are we making an impact on others by giving and thinking beyond ourselves?

Perhaps you have never thought about widows or those who are poor and unfortunate around you. The Bible speaks about our obligation as Christians to help the poor and widows especially.

If you are looking for ideas in order to help widows and the poor, consider the following as a starter list.

I can offer to:

change the oil in someone’s car
wash windows in the Spring or Fall
wash and wax a car
sew rips and tears in clothes
babysit for a single parent
cook a meal once a week
help with laundry
help with ironing
replace light bulbs or other basic fixtures
bake a pie or cake
help repair a leaky faucet
sweep and/or mop a kitchen
mow a lawn
rake and bag leaves
give computer help
provide taxi service to the store or the doctor
wash dishes
balance a checkbook
paint rooms
buy clothes
spend some time just listening to someone

This is, of course, just a very partial list to get you started. Make a goal of doing one of these or something like them at least once a month to get you started. You will find that you are blessed in helping others, and you will probably want to increase the frequency until helping others becomes a way of life.

Be blessed.

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