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Drunken Believer: A Poem About Alcohol

This second poem was sent in with the request to publish it “Name Withheld.”  It deals with a person who professes Christ as Lord and Savior but falls into the snare of alcohol.  I’m posting it here as a reminder that even in the seeming comfort of the church there are still struggles.  People with real problems attend our churches and need to know HOW to find the answer in Jesus Christ.

Drunken Believer

There is a time on Saturday night
When you go home, you look a sight.
You went out, you had some fun
You drank a bit, in fact a ton.

Pub to pub, vision blurred
Words you spoke, they were slurred.
Did I trip? Did I fall?
You don’t know, you forgot it all.

Now you’re torn, what to do?
You love God, that they knew!
You go to Church the very next day,
Will they know? What will they say?

The sermons over, it is done,
You can go, you think you’ve won.
The torment comes, and it stays
You know you’ve lost, its early days.

You were wrong, you made a mistake
your heart hurts, a longing ache.
What have I done, why did I go?
But deep down, an answer you know!

Life was hard, you were stressed,
You weren’t happy, nor depressed.
That one night you felt free
Forgot the sorrow that was me.

Then you realise that it’s still there,
But now more sorrow, more despair.
What do I do with this secret sin?
Would God really enter in?

I’m ashamed, but my head held high
For I know my God is nigh
There He is, I feel His love,
He’s my daddy from above.

I know I’m forgiven, I’m truly free,
With the revelation that God loves me.
He’s broken away all the chains
My true beauty, that’s what remains.



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