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Grace and Judgment

Q. Could you please share with me about this statement I got from a preacher that “Grace is judgment being postponed?”

A. This statement is one of many which have been developed by man to help teach or relate a bit of truth about the character and nature of God. Like most man-made statements, you have to weigh it and figure out what it mean.

At base level, we understand that we are all born in sin and are headed toward a day of judgment with the Almighty God. We also understand from scripture that we deserve eternal punishment for our wholesale rejection of God and His laws in our daily lives. Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we further understand that His death buys our forgiveness and redemption so that we do not have to endure hell for eternity.

So, this statement points out the fact that judgment is coming and is certain. But because of God’s grace, He delays the final and permanent punishment by allowing us each to live our lives on this earth. His grace, in the meantime, is at work trying to cause us to see His love and the error of our ways. If we submit to God’s plan, we enjoy the benefits of eternal life. If we reject Him, then the coming judgment will eventually happen, and we will be punished.

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