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Hannah Gave Up Her Son

As I’ve been rereading Samuel, one of the thoughts that strikes me from Chapter 1 is that Hannah gave up her son to God at such an extremely young age. The Bible says she kept him until he was weaned. How long was that? In Western countries, about one year or less. But even in the middle East, where it’s not uncommon to have children nursing through a second or third year, it was still a very short time.

Then there was the issue of where she was taking him. Don’t picture a big cathedral with stained glass windows and an ample supply of doting helpers. The temple hadn’t been built yet (remember? Solomon wasn’t even alive at this point). No, this was a tent, albeit a big one.

And then there was the problem of Eli’s sons. The priests two boys were forcibly taking offerings from the people. And they were sleeping with the women who served at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. And Eli himself, who knew about their sinful practices, did not restrain them.

Here Hannah deposited her very young child into God’s care, because she had vowed a vow and meant to keep it.

If you are struggling with giving up your child to God’s care, remember Hannah.  Remember Samuel.

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