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How Do You Claim Ground?

I’ve been reading some through Joshua.  I’ve meditated for a few days on the instructions from God to Joshua in Chapter 1.  It’s really packed with so much good stuff.

In verse 3, God tells Joshua that “every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you.”  When I think through this, it reminds me that we have a personal responsibility in this world to DO SOME THINGS.  God didn’t pick up the children of Israel, give them a chauffeured ride from Egypt and then teleport them into the Promised Land devoid of all strife and foes.  He did provide for their needs on the journey, but they had to walk.  And once they got there, they had to fight.  They had to go out and literally make war to defeat the inhabitants of the land in order to make the land their own.

I think to some degree God is willing to make this same promise to us in our lives:  whatever you set your hand to, I will bless.  He says so in Psalm 1, at least for the man who delights in the law of the Lord.

So what is it that you really want to do in life?  What is the field of integrity, vision and purpose which ignites passion in your heart?  What do you want to work at the hardest in order to hear God say, “Well done” at the end of time?

Make a choice, set your face, and then begin the long, often grueling work which is required to make the “land” your own.

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