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How to Find the Devil

That’s kind of an odd thought isn’t it?  But that is the predicament that King Saul found himself in.  He was near the end of his life and reign.  He had long ago rejected God’s commandments and had found himself rejected by God.  Literally, Saul had lived a lifetime without God after knowing what the anointing and Spirit of God felt like as a young man.

The Philistines had gathered together to fight Israel one more time.  Saul was desperate to find out something, anything about what the future held for him.  To his credit, he had been diligent to try and eradicate all the mediums and spiritists in Israel.

Now, he tried one more time to get an answer, some kind of direction from God.  But God would not answer him by any of the normal methods:  prophets, dreams or the mysterious Urim and Thummim.

So Saul was left with his only choice in his mind:  look to the ways of evil to try and find an answer.

The interesting thing to me is that as soon as Saul asks his servants to find someone who had a familiar spirit (a demonic guide), they didn’t seem hard pressed to give him an answer.  Almost immediately, it seems, they say, “There’s a woman with a familiar spirit who lives at Endor.” (1 Sam 28:7 / the witch of Endor)

Thus, the righteousness (or lack thereof) of Saul’s influence did not extend very far down the ladder of leadership.  Instead of being diligent to work together as a whole team of leaders in righteously following God, there were people who knew all the details of how to find what was forbidden who were working at Saul’s right hand.

So, if you want to find the devil, you may need to look only as far as your most trusted advisers.  Unless you truly walk, work and live among the godly.

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