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How to Memorize the Bible, God’s Word

Memorizing scripture is an essential habit in the life of the believer. Jesus set the example for us when He met the tempter with scripture. For those who wish to commit scripture to memory, here are some tips.

  1. Write the Scripture
    Write out the scripture in your own handwriting on a 3×5 note card or regular paper. There is a mental association between things we write and things we remember.Or you can type up the verse(s) on a word processor and print it out on paper using margins of a 3×5 card. Trim the paper down and tape it to a 3×5 card for stiffness. Then you can carry the cards with you in your pocket or purse.
  2. Repetition
    • Read the scripture verse aloud ten to twenty times.
    • Read the scripture piece by piece (Bless the LORD, Oh my soul … and all that is within me … bless His holy name.)
    • Begin to connect the pieces using repetition.
    • After you have memorized a verse, move onto the next verse. Then add the verses together as units.
  3. Reading
    • Read the scripture while you are out walking (look up occasionally!).
    • Read the scripture while sitting at a stop light.
    • Read the scripture while waiting for appointments.
    • Laminate an entire paper and put it in your shower or on your bathroom mirror to read there.
  4. Group Support
    • Ask someone to “spot” you while you go over your verses. It helps if the person doesn’t stop you on every mistake but only makes a mental note of which parts you need to work on.
    • Ask someone to learn a chapter or group of verses together with you. The buddy system can help keep you both accountable to work on the verses until you know them.

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