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If You Were Rahab, Who Would You Invite?

In Joshua 2, we read  the story of the spies who came into Jericho in order to spy out the land.  Upon reaching Jericho, they went to the house of Rahab the harlot and lodged there.  (OK.  I’m wondering how they picked a harlot’s house as their preferred motel.)  When the king of Jericho heard that they had come, he ordered Rahab to turn them over.  Rahab lied and said that the men had already left.  In reality, she had hidden them in order to save their lives.

Rahab then told the men that everyone was filled with fear over the Israelites and what their God had been doing in their behalf.  She asked that the men spare her life and the lives of her extended family.  The spies agreed.  “Our lives for yours.”  When she helped them escape by a rope, they told her to bind that scarlet cord in her window as a sign of which household would be saved during the time of Jericho’s destruction.

So, if you were Rahab, who would you invite into your home knowing that it is the only place of safety during certain destruction for everyone and everything else?

We know Rahab’s first inclination.  She wanted her father, mother, brothers, sisters and all that they have (their families) to be spared.  In Joshua 6:22-25, we read that this is what happened.

Still, I wonder who she invited and who she didn’t invite?  She couldn’t invite the whole city.  It wasn’t possible logistically.  Nor was it possible due to the city being under judgment.  I wonder if she invited family members who didn’t believe her.  I wonder if she had a best friend she invited, or if it were only her family.

How about you?  Do you live in the home with the scarlet cord, a cord of the knowledge of Jesus Christ’s saving power?  Do you have the answer in troubled times in a country which may be headed to certain doom? Rahab saved her family because she cared for them.

Who are you inviting to the place of safety?

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  1. Kim Oanh Curtin Cash says:

    WoW~~what a question? I definitely know dat I would take my keikis (I have 8 total and 2 grandsons, although da 6 youngest live with me)….but as for da rest of my blood fam…you would think yes, but they have separated themselves totally from me because of me being so JESUS FREAKY!! Actually I pray for them continually and my estranged abusive husband plus my abusive ex-husband. I pray continually for myself and my keikis…my ministry and my pastors, and everyone. I honestly would not know immediately but for my own keikis and grandkeikis to invite to a place of “safety” BUT I DO KNOW, I guess you would have to pick immediately as there would be no time to sit and ponder. Mahalos for da interesting blog on Rahab and her decisions she made for salvation at da time in biblical history!! HAU’OLI LA KAU PUA which in Hawaiian language means HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY~~enjoy and be safe!! Dis is first time on dis website…I really love it so mahalos to the creator of it!! Love and friendship alwaze in Jesus Christ, Kimi ;~}

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