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Inspirational Art Print

You Shall Take Your Rest in Safety

Historically, many people have used their artistic skills to glorify God. has been developing a range of art prints which combine the wisdom from God’s Word with images which are intended to inspire, encourage and uplift.

A little background:  the child’s hand belongs to my son.  The adult hand,  weathered, worn and (well) bandaged is my Dad’s.  They both fell asleep one day, and I being a photographer thought it was a great time to photograph their hands as Paul clutched lightly at Dad’s finger for comfort.  It reminded me of God’s faithfulness to be there for us even when we are least aware of His presence (and He isn’t caught napping!).

You can get notecards and other items with this image by clicking on this link.  If you know anyone who is “into” this type of stuff, please pass this along.  I would appreciate it.  Also, if you are encouraged and want to leave a comment, please do so.

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