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Joshua 7: The Sin of Achan

The story of Achan can be viewed from many different angles. One of these is the communal aspect of sin and how we are never truly an island unto ourselves. Joshua 7 is the text, and the outline follows.

1. Sin is never a personal, private matter.
The Israelites acted unfaithfully.
Achan is named all the way down to his genealogy.
You can’t take what belongs to God and expect to get away with it.
God’s glory
Tithe and offerings (none shall appear before me empty / pick some
flowers if you have to)
Talents = opportunities
God’s anger was directed against the whole community. God takes community a lot more seriously than we tend to.

2. Sin affects the success of others and the lives of others.
36 people died in the next battle. What crime had THEY committed?
Fear came on the community.
Confusion was on the leaders. Joshua even began to speak the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that Israel’s grumblers typically spoke out.

3. Sin has to be purged and forsaken in order to have God’s presence in the community.

4. God is always looking for reconciliation.

5. He knows how to single you out if necessary.

6. What if Achan had come willingly to Joshua that night and repented?
Why didn’t he?
Maybe he didn’t believe God really knew.
He was afraid.
He didn’t know God well enough to believe he would be forgiven.
God gives space to people. This is not a license to sin more but space to repent.

7. Don’t try to hide the truth from God or his servant.
Remember not just this story but also Ananias and Sapphira.

8. When the sin was purged, the community once again enjoyed the favor of God and the success that God intended them to have.

This story ends on a sour note for Achan and his family. What will the end of the story bring for you?

You may listen to a Podcast MP3 of this lesson by clicking on this link.

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