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Notes on Romans 3

Righteousness | Wrath

Law / deeds & works

Righteousness without the law

3:21 -> 1:17 picks up again on the GOOD NEWS.

3:23 Glory of God, utter perfection.  We glory in human achievements which exceed our expectations.  Example in sports “the great catch.”

Key passage in Romans is 3:21-26, esp. 24-25.

  • righteousness of God
  • faith in Jesus Christ
  • to all / on all
  • justified -> made justified
  • freely – grace (favor, goodwill, unmerited, undeserved)
  • redemption (redeem, cash in)
  • propitiation by blood
  • righteousness – justice is finally served
  • forbearance – it appeared that God was letting sin slide, but He was simply being patient and merciful

He shows us, practices what He preaches, perfect.  He punishes the wicked, rewards what is right.


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