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Prophecy Regarding the Next Major Wave in the USA

This article contains an insight received on the next major wave that is going to shape the future of the USA. Maybe it applies to other countries. Maybe not.

Prophecy received mid May 1999
Craig Thompson
posted 18 March 2000

The next major wave that is going to engulf our country is a wave of a ‘sense of destiny.’ People by nature have a longing for this, but as we have seen the wave of nationalism (ethnicity) engulf countries, sometimes ripping them apart, so will be the magnitude of this particular wave in the US.

Some of the negative side effects of this will be:

1. assassinations carried out on a larger scale than previously seen.

2. a sense of dread.

3. dynamic and seemingly incomprehensible group actions by multiple people, each acting out of a sense of destiny to fulfill the group’s objective — even if that objective has never been spelled out.

4. gang activity will be on an order never seen by many because the individual members will be sold out completely — heart, soul, mind and strength — to fulfill the sense of destiny which will compel them to act.

The secular entertainment industry will not help, but will cater to the opportunity to make a dollar on the wave and its profound influence on not one but at least two generations simultaneously.


1. The Lord is ultimately the One who is sovereign over any destiny, and the Church must respond to this wave by teaching people the foundational principles of God’s holy calling.

2. By the Spirit’s guidance and in response to God’s holy calling, there will be dynamic and magnificent works done by individuals and groups acting in apparent autonomy and independence from each other, but the end result will be an orchestrated work of God’s sovereign might.

3. Pray for wisdom to prepare your heart, your family and your local church for each’s role in leading people to the TRUE SOURCE during this time.

4. Pray for leaders (at all levels) to have wisdom and to be protected.

5. Be purged of fear and begin to operate out of eternal love for others.

6. Pray for and make use of visual arts to influence others toward God.

7. Use the wave as a tool for the Gospel.

If you have feedback on this word, or if God has been speaking to you similar things, please e-mail me and let me know.

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