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Do you have scars? How do you feel about them? Read on for some thoughts about scars from someone who has a few, too.


Ugly and deep. Thin and invisible.

Some worn like a banner.

Others worn like a scarlet letter.

They show up in the most surprising places.

It seems that almost everyone has at least one.

How did you get yours?

Do you cover it?

Hide it?

Pray it will go away?

I got mine working.


Being careless – twice.

Some scars stand for honor.



Some scars mean we were vulnerable.



We wish all of our scars represented heroism.



He got His because of obedience.

Compassion, great compassion.

And Love.

So even God has scars.

Eternal scars.

Reminders of the worst, and yet reminders of the very best.

And us?

Maybe we can learn to see our own scars differently.

Or at least find their meaning.

The scar that means pain can also mean healing.

Health restored.

A second chance.

Scars of vulnerability can mean that trusting is still noble.

Forgiveness is a decision.

We have chosen the path of peace.

Silly scars, pointless scars have a purpose.

They tell us to think twice before acting.

Hopefully they represent a lesson learned.

Talk about them.

Tell others the story.

Find out what they mean.

Your scars.

Their scars.

His scars.

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