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Should I Follow a Spirit Guide

It was in the summer of 1990.  In about a month, I planned to be married.  Happily absorbed in pleasant thoughts like this, I was returning home from the city to the Chattanooga area from Cleveland where I was working.
It was evening.  The sun was bright in the west.  Chattanooga had not yet endured the years of perpetual roadwork which eventually led to I-75 being as wide as it is now at Volkswagen Drive.  There were two lanes.
As I was just about to top the hill coming from the Ooltewah side down into Chattanooga, a voice inside clearly spoke, “Switch lanes.”  I was traveling in the fast lane that evening, and without hesitation, I switched to the right lane.  After clearing the hill, I looked in horror as a car was gathering speed coming in my direction — up the other side in the lane I had been in.  I had enough time to glance at the occupants as I passed them:  an older couple in a big car, the husband hunched over the steering wheel.  I took it all in within fleeting seconds.  They had gone up the off ramp, somehow thinking it was an on ramp and were driving against traffic on a major interstate during rush hour.
What if I hadn’t listened to the voice?  My mother told me that on the news late that night, she saw where there had been a wreck.  I could have been that wreck.    I could be dead.
Much is said these days about spirit guides.  Some people find their spirit guide in a bottle, a pack of incense, or in a “mind over mutter” conference.  Worse yet, technology is the de facto guide for today’s generation.
My guide found me first when I agreed to surrender my will to the lordship of Jesus Christ.  My Spirit guide has a first name:  Holy.  That means that everything He will ever tell me to do has to line up with the PERFECT will of God.  Wow!  What a bargain!
In the many years since I’ve been listening to His voice, I’ve avoided more pain, enjoyed more benefits and gotten rid of some rough edges.  I’ve found good material on eating healthy.  I’ve learned some of the best ideas on how to raise a family.  I’ve found great deals on things I truly needed.  When I haven’t listened, I’ve quickly discovered I’m not all that smart after all.
Most of all, I’ve learned something about how to worship the One who gave me this Guide.  He reminds me of the words of Jesus.  He leads me into all truth.  He deepens my relationship with the eternal Father.
Wouldn’t you like such a guide in your life?  Call upon the name of Jesus Christ and ask Him!
In conclusion, here’s a poem we might relate to in our techno-world.
A wealthy American couple
To Africa went for a jaunt.
Ambitious, bold and strong,
They didn’t know the word “don’t.”
Day one began with a jolt
when their jeep got stuck in the mud.
They loaded supplies on their shoulders
and shouted, “Our trip won’t be a dud!”
Day two, they awoke with an itch
in places which rarely see light.
They found their mats had been resting
on beds of critters which bite.
Day three, their technology failed them.
Their GPS did crash and burn.
The Google car doesn’t do swampland.
They didn’t know which way to turn.
Day four they awoke to the sound
of their rations leaving with hoots.
A troop of monkeys had robbed them
of everything from chocolate to fruits.
Day five, they knew that their plight
Had gone from awkward to dire.
They had no basic abilities,
Not even to start a small fire.
Day six, they tried to find food.
They chased rats and groaned and grunted.
The sound of a roar in the thicket
Let them know that the hunter was hunted.
Day seven, a lion was reflecting
On his luck with his cub who was three.
“Most animals run fro you Dad,
but these fools made it easy for me.”
* * *
The parable of these poor travelers
is a lesson in obstinate pride.
They could have avoided these dangers
if only they had followed a guide!
©2012  Craig Thompson

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