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Thoughts on Jezebel

These notes are originally from (I think) 1994-1995.

Eunuch – a male who had been castrated (against his will or not) who
would then be responsible to tend to the needs and/or bidding of the
queen’s most intimate affairs without the threat of sexual intercourse.

There are several items that we need to notice in this regard:

1.  Someone who had been mutilated for Jezebel’s benefit.
2.  May have been attracted to Jezebel at some point in the past, but
lost that attraction through the process of mutilation.
3.  Had no future – devoted to Jezebel by requirement.
4.  Hope of family was cut off and no longer existent though the
emotional ties might still be there.  Jezebel destroys the hope of new
life and new birth in those closest to her.  The best they can hope for
is what *she* is willing to give to them or allow them to have.
5.  Witness to the grossest sins by virtue of being in the intimate court
of Jezebel.  Probably were stained by those sins either emotionally or by
being involved in fulfilling the wishes of Jezebel.
6.  They saw Jezebel when she was not painted up.
7.  When someone came who offered another way, these people who had
suffered personal injury by Jezebel, who had seen the inner life of her
great wickedness, RESPONDED by casting her down to her death.  (They did
not act on their own, perhaps due to fear or perhaps not having the
authority to do so on their own.)  They cast her from her throne, but
they also cast her out of their lives forever, though the scars remained.
They wanted her gone!

As mentioned above, they didn’t have the authority to do what they did.
Jehu came in and provided the leadership, yes, but scripture states that
Jehu rebelled against the house of Ahab his master (though Ahab was
already dead).  This was a process by which God had already himself
appointed another leader who came under that authority.  When he came to
town, the eunuchs had their opportunity and took it.

Have you been mutilated by Jezebel?  Have you been stained by her
whoredoms?  Throw her down!  Get rid of her out of your life!  The
Captain has come to destroy the works of the devil.  You can be free.

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