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The Kiss, A Poem by Michael Glasgow

This first selection by poet Michael Glasgow describes the encompassing love and mercy of God.

Where black of night and light of day meet to kiss — I’ll pause and pray
The hush of dusk, the breath of dawn, provoke within my heart a song
A praise, a prayer, a simple love — directed to Him who sent the dove
Which landed on Him whose fate was sealed, born to die so to reveal
The Father’s love and His embrace, our Lover’s kiss upon the face

To break down walls and to remove the sin which kept us from this love
The Lamb was sent to reconcile those from every tribe and tongue
The Lord of beauty and of grace was upon a cross bare-naked hung
For joy and laughter, life and light, there was a death both cruel and dark
For unless He died we could not live, His beauty — our sin, the contrast stark

But death could not contain this man, the Author of Life could NOT be held
With a crushing blow He overcame — His Enemy forever felled!

He did this all for me, for you — His love extends and calls for choice
Receive? Reject? — There’s NO between

LIFE or DEATH — the choice is keen

I choose LIFE and I choose HIM who smiles upon me every day
– with hope and love and colors bright
– with food to fill and friends to laugh
– a daughter to hug and a bride to kiss
water to splash and songs to hear from cricket and bird both far and near

He smiles with warmth upon my face and shade to cool me when I’m spent
With ice cream on a summer’s day and job to help me pay the rent
He’s always good, He’s never bad, He’s Faithful tried and true
Nary a better friend’s been found, He wants to be a friend to YOU!

So now you see and understand just why within my heart there wells
A song of praise a thankful love, for He has saved my soul from Hell

So when next the red Sun rises and you feel the morning dew
Pause your heart and hear His voice saying

copyright 2005 Michael Graham Glasgow
used by permission

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