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Thoughts on the Conversion of Saul to Paul

Saul was misinformed and acting out of anger.

He was hurting others who disagreed with him.

His circumstances changed suddenly.

He acknowledged the lordship of the One speaking to him.

He learned that he was fighting against God.

His companions were silenced by God’s presence.

There was a period of silence (testing) during which he could have rationalized it all away.

He became worse off (physically) than he was before he met Jesus:  confusion, darkness, lack of direction.

He used this time of testing as a time for consecration.

His answer came through someone he had previously maligned, hated and persecuted.

His vision/dream only showed him part of God’s plan (physical sight).

He was given sight and direction (relation of physical to spiritual).

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3 Responses to "Thoughts on the Conversion of Saul to Paul"

  1. Megan Lee Woon Ching says:

    Jesus, You love John
    Jesus, You love Paul
    Do you love me?
    Lord Jesus, Please be strengthen
    To do good works.
    I love you, Jesus

    1. admin says:

      The answer to that question is a very loud, “YES!” Jesus loves you as much as He loves anyone else.

  2. Clint smith says:

    I’ve lost my strength in faith over the years… as I turn began to notice I need to try harder to regain the spirit… something this morning told me that I needed to read David and Goliath and to study it… so that I may know the facts and the names of all involved…..i believe god was giving me instructions on how to begin to rely and trust in the word..of the Bible….I’m glad I did… I pray that I can regain some the favor I once new as a young man…

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