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Using Visual Cues to Memorize Scripture

Recently, I have been teaching a scripture memorization class at my local church.  In the process, I spent more time on using visual tools or cues to help memorize Bible passages.  I wanted to share some of the pictures we have been using.  These were all drawn “on the spot.”  They aren’t perfect.  They work for me.  The reason I’m sharing them is to spur you on to either use them yourself or draw your own pictures.

The image gallery has the scripture references below each image when you view it.  However, you may wish to print this basic overview for matching up the pictures with the verses.  The people in this class wanted to memorize Romans 8.  They chose the King James Version as they were more familiar with it and found it easier to memorize.  You should use whatever translation is easiest for YOU to memorize.

One of the class members dusted off an ancient tape recorder (remember those?) and is making a melody for each verse to aid in remembering them.  That technique has been working very well for her.

  1. gavel banging shows “case dismissed” or “no condemnation”
  2. chains broken = Spirit of life, free
  3. weak little mouse shows the law was weak / crown shows that God sent His son in the likeness of sinful flesh
  4. righteous Phil is walking = righteousness of the law if fulFILLed in us … who walk
  5. two faces show those after the flesh who MIND … they that are after the Spirit who MIND …
  6. tombstone with carnal = death, flower shows life and peace
  7. fist with CM = carnal mind at enmity against God, commandments with slash = not subject to the law of God, can of bees with slash = “neither indeed can be” (get it, can of bees?)
  8. multiple tragedy masks = they that are in the flash cannot please God (frowning sunshine from heaven)
  9. person IN big S with an S inside him = in the Spirit, Spirit dwells in you, NOW with slash = now if any man have NOT…
  10. dead body with Greek letter CHI (X) for Christ, wavy living spirit body with X in it
  11. S in body being raised up from the dead, and S with X (CHI) showing that the Spirit raised Christ from the dead
  12. IOU = we are debtors
  13. flesh on tombstone = die, arrow with Spirit pointing up = live
  14. person being LED by big hand (God/Spirit)
  15. baby crying Abba (translated Father)
  16. bear = the Spirit BEARS witness with our spirit
  17. children with obvious HAIRS = children, then heirs, heirs of God …
  18. sad / happy faces = suffering present time, glory to be revealed
  19. earnest face = earnest expectation of the creature/creation
  20. world with huge V = creature was made subject to VANITY

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  1. George Klassen says:

    I did same thing to memorize psalm 51

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