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What is Real Wisdom? What is the Wisdom from Heaven?

From James 3:17-18 we learn of several traits which help us live a life of wisdom.

The wisdom from heaven is

PURE – unmixed with other things. It is not contaminated with flesh, envy, etc. You have to desire this worsdom. Jesus said we must seek FIRST (not seek some or seek alongside other things) the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

PEACE LOVING – relationships. This attribute shows that we are at peace internally. Further, we must be a person of peace and be filled with peace.

CONSIDERATE – This is our attitude. It means we think of others before ourselves. This also includes a considerate attitude toward nature and the world in general. To be considerate means to recognize our place in the whole scope of God’s creation.

SUBMISSIVE. This means, “I listen.”


IMPARTIAL. This is best summed up in the line from the song “Jesus Loves Me,” where it states, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.” To be impartial means that they are all also precious in our sight.

SINCERE. No mask. Real.

All of these qualities are needed despite how far along we are in them. We must be as pure as we can be at this point, as submissive as we can be at this point, etc.

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