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What to Do with Your Enemy

In 1 Samuel 24, as I was reading today, I pondered verse 4. Apparently at some point in the past, a prophet of God had spoken to David that God would deliver David’s enemy into his hand to do with as seemed best to David. What a prophecy!

Can you imagine having that spoken to you: “Hey, God is going to put your enemy at your mercy.” That would seem to be a carte blanche statement allowing you to wreak havoc back upon the heads of the ones who have caused you grief.

BUT WAIT! What is it that David desired to do? He desired to show mercy to his enemy? Mercy? He chose to spare the life of the man who was hunting his life? What new doctrine is this?

It’s apparently the doctrine of the man who has sought and found God’s own heart. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you must. Just because your enemies are humbled in your presence doesn’t mean you cannot humble yourself even further than them by serving them and showing them the love and mercy of God.

David was blessed for his actions. What will be the footnote on your actions?

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