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When God Saves Your Dinner

I’ve been reading through Samuel again.  In chapter 9, Saul is looking for his father’s lost donkeys.  At the prodding of his servant, they try to find Samuel the Seer (prophet) to find out if he can help them locate the asses.

In vv 23-24, Samuel tells the cook at a feast he had called to bring out the piece which had been chosen and laid aside.  The cook brings out the shoulder and puts it in front of Saul at Samuel’s request.

Samuel tells Saul that this really good piece of meat has been laid up for him from the time Samuel called the feast.

So, in our life, there are times when we have a divine moment where we realize God is calling us, speaking our name, bringing us out of the shadows to do something for Him.  During those times, He may often give us a steak, as it were, to show us that He has it all planned out.

What should I do?  It’s pretty simple:  eat.  That’s what Samuel said to Saul.  Enjoy this time.  Revel in the fact that God has prepared a blessing or an abundance for you.  Reflect on His sovereignty and plan.  There will be more to come.

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