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Who Does God Say He Is?

Exodus 34:5-7
In Exodus 34, we read of the time when God allowed Moses to see part of His glory, and there, He proclaimed the Name of the Lord. If you want to know who God says He is, then this is the place to begin.

1. He is the Lord.

A. He is Sovereign.
B. He is the First and the Last.
C. He declares the end from the beginning.
D. He is the only truly self-determining being in existence. All else answer to Him.

2. He is the Lord God.

A. He is powerful.
B. He is omnipotent.

3. He is compassionate.

A. He acts in the behalf of those who need His help without them having to ask.
B. He is here to help you.

4. He is gracious.

A. Though He knows He is the Ruler of all, He is not proud.
B. He condescends to the lowly and places value on them.
C. He is willing to serve the ones He created.

5. He is slow to anger.

A. This is in the context of His having declared that He was ready to wipe out Israel, but they had blatantly ignored His signs and wonders over the past few weeks bringing them out of Egypt.
B. Thoughout the history of Israel, He chose not to completely wipe them out even though they were very cyclical in their sinfulness.
C. People throughout history have lived wicked lives, sinful lives and yet have been allowed to live day after day because God is slow to anger.

6. He abounds in love.

A. Consider the great sights of nature. Places like Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon and others like them evoke awe because of the abundance of space, water, or whatever.
B. God abounds in love. If you could truly see His love in its fullness, it would leave you awestruck more than any natural wonder.
C. In short, God has love — and lot’s of it.

7. He abounds in faithfulness.

A. What good is a lot of love if it is here today and gone tomorrow?
B. God will be there for you — always.
C. Israel cried out to God when they were in bondage because of their sins. This does not show their faith as much as it shows God’s faithfulness to answer.

8. He maintains love to thousands.

A. How long do you remember a good deed done for you by someone else? A day? A month? A year? Rarely a lifetime.
B. God remembers His friends through ages.
C. He spared Jerusalem many times because He remembered King David.
D. This is in the context of generations.

9. He forgives wickedness, rebellion and sin.

A. Because all owe Him allegiance, He could exact punishment immediately with no recourse.
B. Yet, He chooses to forgive, even the worst of sins.
C. His forgiveness gives a true second chance with no remembrance of the past.

10. He punishes the guilty.

A. Even though He forgives, this does not mean God is unjust.
B. The wicked who do not repent will be punished.
C. Their wickedness is remembered for generations.
D. Even then, God remembers a person’s wickedness less than He remembers the good done by the righteous (3-4 versus thousands).

Conclusion: God tells us about Himself in this passage. We learn that the essence of God is goodness, and we are made to understand just how God expresses that goodness to His creation.

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