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Abraham Rescues Lot and Meets Melchizedek

These are some notes from a sermon I shared at a local church in Lusaka, Zambia recently.  The chapter is Genesis 14.

Five kings versus four.  This was a regional conflict.

Sodom is captured and plundered.

Lot is captured and removed from Sodom.  (Was this a good thing?  Sometimes bad things happen which actually could be viewed in at least a partially positive light.  Lot didn’t need to be in Sodom.)

Abram hears.

There is no mention of his emotions.  Was he glad to hear Lot was out of Sodom?

Abram acts.  

He took 318 TRAINED and LOYAL servants.  If you can buy someone with money, you can never be 100% sure of his loyalty.  People born in the same household share loyalties of blood.  If people do not respond to the blood of Christ, they lack the most basic loyalty in the body of Christ.  “The hireling flees” when the sheep are in danger.

He devised a multi-pronged attack.

He attacked by night, when the enemy least expected it and was naturally tired, at rest, and off guard.

He, the leader, fought with his men.

Some fled and took goods, others fled and took people/captives.

The threat was gone, but Abram pursued.  Sometimes we just want relief from the threat.  Instead, we should press the attack and be intent on total recovery.

He traveled over 100 miles.  How long did this take to pursue this enemy of Lot’s family?

He recovered all.  He took back what was stolen.

Melchizedek was first “king of righteousness.”  He was known for his just rule.

He was king of Salem, translated “king of peace.”  There is no mention of this regional conflict affecting him or his city.  “When a man’s ways please the LORD, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.”

He brought out bread and wine.  Foreshadow of passover and the Lord’s Supper.

He was priest of God Most High.  This means there was someone else who knew God, someone who had actually been serving God longer than Abram, someone whose lifestyle impacted a city, someone who exemplified the relationship between righteousness and peace, someone who served others by helping them to meet and know God.

Melchizedek was a mystery (no genealogy).

His influence endures.

Abram’s seed (singular/Jesus) would one day be called a priest in the order of Melchizedek.

He blessed Abram.  The less is blessed by the better. 




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