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Brazil Day Twelve: My New Vocabulary Word

We’ve been plugging away on the phones for two weeks now. But this evening, I was in for a real treat. The leader of the local organization, Almir, told me through an interpreter that we were going to have a “churrasco” to help celebrate my time in Brazil.

Here is a big hint if you ever travel to Brazil. If someone ever invites you to a churrasco, raise your hand and say, “Yes.” Somewhere around 7 pm this evening, Jeff came and told us that things were about ready. We washed up and walked outside to an incredibly tantalizing smell. It was the churrasco.

20150319_193410Before your imagination runs away with you, a churrasco is not a type of animal. You don’t find a churrasco in the jungle running around or climbing a tree. A churrasco is a pit barbecue.

Almir had been toiling over a hot fire of coals with several pounds of meat spread out on the grill. When the smell of grilled meat mixes with the sound of sizzling fat and the sight of beef over hot coals, there is precious little to do but stand by and watch — and wait. Fortunately, Almir took time to cut off pieces of the meat as it was cooking an offered it to us. I think I ate enough off a fork by the churrasco to make a fine complement to a baked potato and salad. But we were just getting started.

We followed Almir into Jeff and Judy’s home where she had prepared spread of everything else to go with the meat — including Baré.

Friends, if I did not step all over the transgression of gluttony tonight, I certainly danced around the lines. Almir kept piling meat on my plate, and having been raised to not leave food on my plate, I kept eating it.

20150319_193656The meat was delicious.  The side dishes were excellent.  The Baré was cold.  My Brazilian churrasco left me stuffed, happy and ready to hit the phones again.

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2 Responses to "Brazil Day Twelve: My New Vocabulary Word"

  1. Dwayne Pugh says:

    Speaking of vocabulary words…Baré? What’s that? Is that like, “Hold my Baré, and watch this?” Nothing like a good cold Baré after a hard day’s work?

  2. John & Naomi says:

    Better not be “beer.”

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